Why choose Us?

Family, Friends and Great MemoriesYear-round social activities, summer pool fun, and the best indoor and outdoor dining close to home.

Why choose Us?

Incredible Golf in Western HillsMen's and women's leagues, couples golf, member tournaments, weekly foursomes and bring your guests. Hole #2 above.

Why choose Us?

Exceptional Private EventsHigh-quality facitilites, catering and service for golf outings, business meetings and special occasions.

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Your home away from home.
Make this summer the summer of fun and join Western Hills Country Club. Request a Tour

Eat, Drink & Socialize

Make new friends and memories for the entire family at WHCC.

  • Seasonal menus, weekly specials, gourmet offerings
  • Casual (denim and golf attire acceptable) and formal dining options
  • Classic cocktails, wine and whiskey selections and craft beers
  • Book club, wine club, card club, running club, yoga and massage
  • Holiday celebrations and special events just for kids and families
  • Special dining, wine and cocktail and social events

Browse the The Shop at WHCC online! Attire for men, women and children. Plus, golf accessories and lifestyle items.

Just try to resist this course. We do golf right.

For the seasoned golfer, the amateur and everything in between. Read Grounds Blog

Get your game on.

Superior golf everyday at WHCC.

  • Thomas Bendelow designed 18 hole championship golf course and practice facilities
  • Men's and Women's 9-hole and 18-hole leagues
  • Full-service pro shop and professional staff, including private and group lessons
  • On-course, honor-system snacks and refreshments
  • Numerous member tournaments for men and women plus social golf activities
  • Caddies, bag storage, club cleaning and maintenance

Golf Schedule Golf Membership Details

Mark Welage


PGA Head Golf

Your friendly, staffed pro shop includes apparel, shoes and equipment. Book tee times, sign up for tournaments and leagues, schedule private fittings and lessons. Bag storage and service, club cleaning and maintenance. This is your headquarters for all things golf at WHCC.

Pro Shop: 513-922-0019 Scorecard

Junior Golf Photo WHCC has a summer program for junior golfers to join our love of the game. Children and grandchildren of all membership categories are welcome in the Junior Golf program. Fun activities, skills development, on-course play and a year-end tournament. Perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Evans Scholars Logo What a great way to enjoy a round of golf and support our local youth with the love of golf. Western Hills Country Club is a proud supporter of the Evans Scholars program and has caddies available on both Saturdays and Sundays for rounds starting before 10:00AM.

Teenage golf enthusiasts interested in the caddie program should download the caddie manual and contact the Caddy Master - Mr. Gary Rogers for more details.

Contact the Caddymaster


Caddie Manual

Caddie Training Calendar

Caddie Program Training Schedule

WHCC Golf Outing Photo We are currently accepting a limited number of Monday Golf Outing bookings for the upcoming golf season. A golf outing is a fun and effective way to raise money for your favorite charity or it can be a unique and enjoyable opportunity to entertain clients and reward your team. A member sponsor and a minimum of 15 foursomes is required.

Monday Golf Outing Pricing Book: 513-922-0011

Hole 1

Preview the course at WHCC with our flyover drone videos. Beauty and challenge make for an enjoyable game.

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Enjoy the Pool

Summer fun is plentiful at the WHCC.

  • Junior-olympic sized pool and separate kiddie pool
  • Swim lessons, swim and diving team, poolside movie nights
  • Outdoor activities for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day
  • Stocked fishing lake and family tournaments
  • Outdoor snack bar, poolside menu service, full-service bar
  • So many opportunities to PLAY, you won't be able to do it all

Social Membership Details
Swim Team Video

Welcome WHCC Guests

We hope you enjoy the beauty of our course and facilities.

Golf Course Guest Policies


Appropriate golf attire and approved soft spikes (or spikeless golf shoes) is expected at all times.

MEN - Men may wear slacks or Bermuda shorts and shirts with collars, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks. Men's shirts must be tucked in on the Golf Course and all practice areas unless designed to be worn outside. Billed hats should be worn bill forward.

WOMEN - Women may wear shorts, slacks, capri pants or golf skirts. Women's sleeveless tops should have a collar or high neck. Billed hats should be worn bill forward.

The following attire items are NOT permitted to wear on the Golf Course: flip-flops; pants or shorts with large, baggy, expandable outside pockets, undershirts, jersey knit leggings, swim suits, elastic type pants (with the exception of rain gear), T-shirts, tank tops, halters, tube tops, or other extreme cut away tops. Denim is not permitted in any form; this includes jeans of any color, denim shirts, slacks, skirts or shorts. High heels are not permitted on the Golf Course or practice areas at any time.


Players should repair all divots after hitting and should repair ball marks made by the ball on the green, including the practice green. Players should rake all bunkers after use and place the rake either inside or outside the bunker.

Please use the appropriate Locker Room in which to change shoes and clothing, and not do so in the parking lot. Personal coolers are not permitted on the Golf Course unless needed for medical reasons.

Each 18 hole round of golf should be completed in four (4) hours.

Playing of music to the point where it can be heard by other Members on the Golf Course is considered inappropriate and discourteous. While practicing at the practice green or range, please use ear buds or headphones. No music is to be played on the Golf Course during Tournament Events.

Pace of Play

According to USGA Rule 5.6, players should realize their pace of play affects others and they should play efficiently through the round by preparing in advance for each stroke and moving promptly between strokes. USGA Rule 6.4 expressly allows playing out of turn in match play by agreement, and for stroke play, affirmatively allows and encourages players to play out of turn in a safe and responsible way to save time, or for convenience. When teeing off, the USGA also recommends that the order of play NOT be determined by the "Honors" system. These procedures are collectively known as "Ready Golf" and as such, are the policy of WHCC.

It is the responsibility of each group to keep pace with the group ahead. If players fail to keep their pace on the course and lose in distance one clear hole, they should skip ahead to the next tee box and maintain pace with the group ahead. Inexperienced golfers are discouraged from playing during peak times.

Severe Weather

Severe weather conditions should be taken seriously since these conditions affect the safety of everyone. WHCC has a lightning detection and warning system. If lightning strikes within 5 miles of the Golf Course, our alarm system will warn everyone on WHCC property to take cover immediately with a long, single-tone siren. At that time, golfers should immediately mark the position of their balls and exit the Golf Course. When there have been no lightning strikes in the area for 20 consecutive minutes, then a distinctive two-tone "all-clear" siren will sound, indicating to golfers they may return to the Golf Course. When golfers re-enter the Golf Course, they should return to where balls were marked and resume play.

Cart Use

No more than 2 people may ride in a cart at one time. No one under the age of 16, or anyone who does not have a valid driver's license, may operate a golf cart. It is extremely dangerous to carry a club in your hand while driving or riding in a moving cart. Please keep hands and feet inside of the cart while it is in motion. Excessive speed or reckless driving is prohibited, and please remember that carts can be tipped resulting in serious injury from improper use. Do not make a sharp turn on the down slopes of the hills as the cart may upset.

The cart is for your convenience. Respect the condition of the turf by avoiding low wet areas and obeying the rules. Please use the cart paths and designated parking areas as much as possible. Avoid driving over worn or frequently used areas.

On "Scatter Days", carts may be operated and parked on fairways. On "Rough Days" golfers should operate and park carts in the rough as much as possible. Crossing the fairway should be at an angle of 90 degrees. Park the cart in the fairway only long enough to hit your ball, then immediately proceed back to the rough for transit to your next shot.

Do not park on the slopes of greens, or within 50 ft of any green. When your cart approaches within 50 ft of a green, please proceed directly to the cart path and remain on the cart path until you reach the tee area of the following hole.

Upon posting of a "Cart Path Only" sign, carts must be operated only on cart paths.

Handicap flags are available for players who, for medical reasons, require their use. A golfer who submits a letter from a licensed physician or a valid handicap parking permit from any government agency may be extended this privilege. Golfers with Handicap Flags should responsibly operate their carts within the Cart Rules as closely as possible, but in NO INSTANCE should park the cart closer than 25 feet of any green. Local conditions on the Golf Course may dictate the use of Handicap Flags, and if so, will be communicated by the Golf Professional staff.

Practice Facilities

Practice shall be restricted to designated practice areas (the practice green and driving range). The practice areas are generally open if the Golf Course is open, except the Driving Range will close at 6:00 pm every Thursday and Sunday during the active golf season so it can be cleared for mowing the following morning. The Golf Professional Staff will post guidance if the practice facilities are restricted for use in any fashion.

In order to keep good turf grass on the Driving Range, there will be one (1) rotating day per week designated as a "Mats Day Only." Users of the Driving Range should take divots in strip patterns and fill them in with sand immediately after completing a practice/warm up session.

Clubhouse and Pool Guest Policies

Clubhouse Attire

When visiting the Clubhouse, appropriate Country Club casual attire is expected.

MEN - Acceptable attire generally means golf or business slacks and collared shirts. Tailored button down dress shirts are not required to be tucked in, but golf/polo shirts must be tucked in at all times. Mock turtleneck collars are acceptable. Casual dress shoes and loafers are required.

WOMEN - Acceptable attire generally means nice pants, dress capris, skirts and dress shorts, dresses, tailored shirts, blouses and sweaters. Women's shirts or blouses may be worn out if the respective item of clothing was designed for outside wear.

Club appropriate denim is allowed in the Club dining areas, and is defined as high quality jean pants that are not torn, frayed, dirty or ill fitting. Jeans that are too tight, too loose, in disrepair or adorned with words or pictures that may be offensive to others are not considered appropriate attire. Denim is not considered appropriate golf attire.

Men are required to remove their hats and/or visors when inside the Clubhouse, Oak Room Bar and Lounge. Men may wear their hats in the Men's Grill and the Locker Room areas. Hats may be worn anywhere outdoors (bills forward) including the Patio Dining Area and the Patio Bar.

It is inappropriate to wear the following attire anywhere on WHCC premises: clothing that is frayed, torn or otherwise in a state of disrepair, drawstring type pants, jogging suits, jump suits, bicycle or short shorts, sweatpants and spandex body suits.

Pool and Locker Rooms

We want children to enjoy the club pool but, in the interest of safety, there are specific rules for children. Children under 9 years of age are not permitted in the pool or swimming pool area without parental or adult supervision. Children unable to swim one length of the pool in good form must have adult supervision at all times and are not permitted in the deep-end unless an adult is in the deep-end with them. For children under 9 years of age, adequate adult supervision means no more than 4 children for 1 adult.

Children who are not toilet trained should wear swim diapers when they are using the pool and should have frequent diaper changes. Children of all ages should be made to take frequent restroom breaks. The Baby Pool is available for infants who are not yet toilet trained. The Center for Disease Control recommends that anyone (regardless of age) who has been experiencing "digestive difficulties," should not use the pool at all.

Drinks and a limited selection of snacks are served at the pool snack bar. Visitors to the pool are permitted to bring in food so long as it is confined to the pool deck. All beverages must be purchased from WHCC. In the interest of safety, china, glassware and other breakables are not permitted in the pool area. Food is not permitted in or near the pool itself. Beverages in plastic cups or mugs may be taken into the pool so long as they are not spilled.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in order to use either the Men's or Women's Locker Room facilities. Children have access to the children's bathroom and changing room without need for an adult.

Smoking, E-Cigarettes and Vaping

In accordance with Ohio Law, smoking IS NOT permitted in any of the Club's indoor spaces including dining areas, locker rooms, bar/lounges, offices, storage rooms/buildings, maintenance buildings, bag storage, golf shop, cart barn, pool buildings, etc. Outdoors, smoking IS NOT permitted in the Patio Dining Area, the Patio Bar, or in the staging areas for golf carts outside the entrance to the Oak Room Bar. Smoking IS permitted on the Golf Course and on the outdoor Smoker's Patio. There shall be no ashtrays or accommodations made for smoking in prohibited areas.

The use of e-cigarettes and vaping inhalers is prohibited in all of the Club's indoor spaces with the exception of the Men's and Ladies Locker Rooms. It is also permitted in the Men's Grill, except when that space is being used for a special event or as the Family Game Room. E-cigarettes and vaping inhalers are permitted to be used anywhere outdoors, except the Patio Dining Area.

Host Your Special Occasion at WHCC

Picturesque weddings, productive meetings, intimate social gatherings.

With facilties for groups of 2 to 200, Western Hills Country Club is the perfect venue for your wedding, business meeting or special occasion. Our catering and service is unmatched on the west side of town. We can build a menu to suit both gourmet and casual dining, and our service is impeccable. Private events require member sponsorship.

WHCC: 513-922-0011

WHCC Membership Details


  • Family Membership

  • Full dining and social privileges
  • Full swimming pool privileges
  • Limited golf privileges
  • No voting or Board of Directors privileges
  • $450 annual food minimum
  • $10,000 initiation fee


Ages 21-29
  • Family Membership
    (Single Available)
  • Full dining and social privileges
  • Full swimming pool privileges
  • Full golf privileges
  • No voting or Board of Directors privileges
  • $450 annual food minimum
  • $8,000 initiation fee


Ages 30-38
  • Family Membership
    (Single Available)
  • Full dining and social privileges
  • Full swimming pool privileges
  • Full golf privileges
  • No voting or Board of Directors privileges
  • $450 annual food minimum
  • $10,000 initiation fee

Full Golf

Ages 39 & older
  • Family Membership

  • Full dining and social privileges
  • Full swimming pool privileges
  • Full golf privileges
  • Voting and Board of Directors privileges
  • $900 annual food minimum
  • $20,000 initiation fee

Join the WHCC Family

The best thing about being a member at WHCC is making friends and memories that last a lifetime. With a full, year-long calendar of dining, entertainment, golf, social, and family activities, you're sure to call us your home away from home. Contact Paul Garrett to discuss membership details.

WHCC: 513-922-0011

Paul Garrett


Interested in employment at WHCC?
Complete the application and email to pgarrett@westernhillscc.com or drop off at the main office. Download Employment Application