Who owns and operates Western Hills Country Club?  The Club is owned by its Members and operated by a Board of Directors and COO.  It is a corporation, not for profit under the laws of the State of Ohio.  The Board acts in accordance with Club by-laws and its constitution similar to that of any corporation.

Is Western Hills a limited membership country club?  Yes, membership is limited in order to maintain and continue to increase Western Hills’s high standards of service and facilities.  The target level is 300 Regular Golf Memberships.  This figure is carefully reviewed in order to provide all members with the highest level of accessibility to the Club and its events.

Is there a food and beverage minimum each month?  Currently, Regular Members are required to spend $900 annually on food purchases at the Club.  Also we recommend a minimum gratuity of 15% when dining if your service is acceptable.

May members bring guests to the club?  Yes.  We encourage you to bring family, friends and business associates to your Club.  We do ask that Members accompany their guests at all times. Guest fees and certain time restrictions apply.   See the Club’s Rules & Regulations for more information

Does Western Hills Country Club offer public use?  Western Hills is a private club.  However, on Mondays, when the club is closed, we do host Member-sponsored golf tournaments for corporations, associations and charitable organizations.  

Is there an active liaison between the members of the club and the club management?  The Board of Directors ensures two-way communication between the Members and club management.  The board meets with club management on a regular basis and holds annual meetings to inform the Membership on global issues.

Who determines initiation and other membership fees?  The Board of Directors with input from a Membership Committee and Club Management sets the costs of memberships, fees, and dues after careful consideration of future expenditures and competitive rates in the market.

Does Western Hills Provide Child Care Facilities?  Not child care, but the Club does provide on-site children’s babysitting services for selected events and golf days.  Simply call the clubhouse for more information and to make reservations.