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Directions From I-75 Heading North or South

Take Exit 2 (Harrison Ave.) and follow Queen City Ave. signs on the Western Hills Viaduct.
At the end of the viaduct, get into the second right hand lane.
Take a right and then an immediate left onto Queen City Avenue keeping McDonald's on your left.
Travel 1.7 miles to Sunset Ave. (9th traffic light)
Turn left on Sunset Ave.
Continue .2 miles on Sunset to Guerley Rd. (3rd street on right)
Turn right on Guerley Rd.  Continue on Guerley Rd., Guerley Rd. changes names at Glenway Ave., to Cleves-Warsaw.

Continue on Cleves-Warsaw.  Club is on the right on Cleves-Warsaw,  2.7 miles from the intersection of Sunset and Guerley Rd.

Directions From I-74

From I-74 take exit 11 (Rybolt/Harrison Pike - 21/2 miles from I-275)
At the end of the exit ramp turn left at the traffic light staying in the right hand lane.
Turn right at next the traffic light (Harrison Ave.)
Continue on Harrison Ave. (2.8 miles) to Race Rd. (Traffic light)
Turn right onto Race Rd.
Race Rd. changes names to Glenway Ave., at Bridgetown Rd. (Traffic light)
Continue on Glenway Ave. to Westbourne (1.1 miles from Harrison)
Take a right on Westbourne (at Western Bowl) until it dead ends into Muddy Creek Rd. (1.1 miles from Glenway)
Turn left at stop sign, to another stop sign (.1 miles) at Neeb Rd.
Turn right on Neeb Rd.
Continue on Neeb (.9 miles).  Club will be on the right side at intersection of Neeb and Cleves-Warsaw.
Turn right on Cleves-Warsaw.  Club driveway is on the right.